Hello fur-friends!


We are so glad to have you witness our journey of finally starting our own brand.

Paws Boutique is the product of two life long best friends born and raised in Dubai on a mission of offering fun, bright and stylish pet accessories without having to compromise on function and comfort.

The drive behind taking the first steps of launching Paws Boutique, is our love for pets and wanting them to be accessorized by what expresses their personality. 

We realized that after everything we have experienced in 2020, that now is the perfect time to take the risks which we were always so afraid to take, to allow ourselves to try, learn and have fun with the process.

We see pets as family and know very well how important they are to us.

Pets have always been a constant source of love and enjoyment to us, we appreciate all the unconditional love, kindness and strong bond they have with us, which is why we put so much effort and attention to detail to offer the best style and greatest quality there is.


Let your fur-babies be the style icons they were born to be!