The stylish brand for the pampered pooches

For the trend-setters, the self-expressive and the young spirited

At Paws Boutique, our passion is designing comfortable, practical, and head turning products for your pup, as they are more than just pets, they are family.


Don't jeopardize on comfort

Our fashion pawlice officers have been testing, wearing, playing, running, walking in all our products, so you can have the ease of mind that functionality and comfort is not jeopardized for fashion.

More than just a fashion piece

Our rope leash range is carefully handcrafted for the best interest of your pup.

100% soft cotton rope leash, safe for your pup and soft for your hands.

1.5 CM thick leash, individually hand-spliced and whipped for additional strength and durability.

The softness of the leash provides just the right amount of "give" to help absorb a sudden pull or jerk.